Going backwards on a pair of skis or rollerblades. Used to be called switch but skaters and snowboarders took that term back.
Look at that skier going anal! He just did an anal to anal spin, gay.
by boardman420 February 16, 2010
Something to be avoided-whether it be on a porno or Prison
Don't drop the soap, or I will rupture your anal canal. nvm just ew. Don't put your weewee in someones poop shoot
by Lovethewayyyousing April 27, 2016
Bend over and find out!
Bryce receives the anal pounding!
by DieSturmgeschutz June 06, 2015
(Verb) to insert ones penis by rectal means causing many strange noises
He had anal sex with him
by Lesexyboody69 June 14, 2014
Sex that takes place in the ass rather than vigina
Me and my girlfriend had anal
by fuck it I don't care April 10, 2015
An acronym Awesome Niggas Around Lexington
We are anal guys.
by analmam December 02, 2014
Mmm, it's sooo good. You really should try it.
Guy 1: Man I just did anal with my girlfreind
Guy 2: Sweet.
by Max June 14, 2006
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