Canal without the letter c
(Couple in Venice) Guy Texting: Anal tonight? Girl: Wtf no Guy: I MEANT TO TEXT CANAL TONIGHT FUCK MY ANUS LIFE
by undlegrundle May 30, 2014
"Surrender the booty"
Eric: Hey Mandy, are you going to surrender that booty tonight or what?
Mandy: I don't know Eric, I think once I let you have anal, you're going to leave me.
by Lars Anthony February 14, 2008
The unknown name of the nutella sticks.
Franklin: Yo amigo she dipped my stick into the nutella jar.

Travis: You cheap ass nukka betta paid more for a safe anal sex.
by jeezyeezus October 17, 2014
Its when the penis is inserted into the butt!

"i have a friend who likes anal..."
by JMZKID February 01, 2008
a variation to the trite "lol." we live in an age where there are different types of laughs. there are nervous laughs, awkward laughs, chuckles, snorts, and giggles. in this case the acronym stands for; a nervous awkward laugh
man 1: you look really good in that shirt. if i were gay i'd bang you
man 2: anal...
by benjerrylover August 06, 2008
A loophole to have "sex" without losing the persons virginity
Girl: I can't, I'm not having sex until I'm married
Guy: Anal?
Girl: Oh yeah, of course, that doesn't count!
by Tyzza June 21, 2015
Going backwards on a pair of skis or rollerblades. Used to be called switch but skaters and snowboarders took that term back.
Look at that skier going anal! He just did an anal to anal spin, gay.
by boardman420 February 16, 2010

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