its like having a dick in your ass
i've never tried anal...whats it like? it's like having a dick in your ass
by rabble babble February 03, 2010
being anal is worrying about stuff WAY too much...
you're being so anal about this whole job... just do it
by eheheheh September 04, 2006
Commonly known as "sticking it up the wrong one". Anal Sex is something most of us claim to perform on our girlfriends/wives but nearly all of us never do.

Anal Sex is....

1) Something your mother is good at.
2) Dirty. That's why it's so good.
3) Something you'd gladly tell your friends you've done, but your girlfriend or wife would never tell a living soul.
4) What makes us all feel like porn stars.
5) Something your girlfriend or wife finds painful even if you have a small penis.
6) Something that requires a LOT OF LUBE.
7) Something that requires a condom. Unless you want what your wife or girlfriend had for their breakfast the day before on the end of your penis.
8) Smelly. See #2
9) Gives you entertainment afterwards by watching your girlfriend or wife's anus close.
10) Something that makes you erect just thinking about. Just like 99% of the men are just now reading this.
"Hi Mom and dad! This is Mysti and she's really into Anal Sex"

"Sorry I'm late, my darling. I went to see your mother and ended up having anal sex with her"

"Hello? I'm sorry, I can't come into work today. I had anal sex last night for the first time and I'm finding it hard to sit down"
by Doctor Phew August 14, 2011
of, relating to, characterized by, or being in the stage of psychosexual development in psychoanalytic theory during which the child is concerned especially with its feces
He is anal.
by acorn1 September 19, 2009
1) when a man chooses to pot the 'difficult brown' instead of the 'easy pink' i.e. he decides to do his woman up the wrong 'un.
2) Annoying term to describe a fastidious person, from some stupid Freudian psycho-bullshit.
John: 'Oi Dave, I analed my bird for the first time last night.'
Dave: 'that's alright, up the bum, no harm done.'
by Archbishop Rowan Williams June 15, 2007
The best type of sex in the world! If you do this, men are your slaves!
Kim and Jared were going out and he wouldnt buy her treats. So she let them do anal, and now she's showered with gifts.
by Imup4anything June 16, 2010
a formed piece of metal, with a broad head and a shank that tapers to a point--
The carpenter said, "I have a hammer but I need anal."
So I gave him anal and he smiled.
by archimedest September 16, 2006
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