The most enjoyable sexual act in the world.
"Kobe Bryant wanted to fuck that bitch in the ass, and who can blame him?"
by Shawn Carter February 16, 2005
adj. of, from, or relating to the anus.
adj. to describe an uptight OCD-esque person who may or may not twitch when you do something wrong; A perfectionist.
n. short name for anal sex, or penetration of the anus (butt fuck). common among gay men and some heterosexual couples. not as enjoyable for many women but with a lot of lube it's better.
1. ug i have like anal herpes or something, cause my butthole is itching like woah.
2. A LITTLE TO THE LEFT PLEASE! *twitch* sorry, i get a little anal about things like this.
3. he keeps asking me to do anal but it hurts!
by wordmasta42 July 08, 2005
When no means yes and yes means anal.
Man: Do you want anal?

Women: No
Man: I knew this is what you wanted.

Penetration begins.

Man: Is your name Stephanie
Women: yes
Man: I knew this is what you wanted.

Penetration begins.
by RamRod88 November 06, 2010
Short for analysis
(On an english paper) "More anal please"
by Akmed Seguyoff November 24, 2009
the process of inserting an erect penis or dildo into a man or womans asshole
Bang me harder.... lets do anal
by Jim December 21, 2003
Yup, you guessed it - abbreviation or short form for analyze and analogy and don't you believe any one that tells you differently.
I like your anal usage, but I'll have to get back to your analogy.
by Hercolena Oliver May 15, 2008
Butt sex
Miranda is well known for her wild anal nights.
by zitilicker June 05, 2009

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