Female who proudly communicates that she is a slut both visually and verbally. However, unlike the 'slut' the 'anal whore' will always fail to attract mates.

Endemic to Sydney, Australia.
"Dude! That bitch is a total anal whore!... Doesnt she realise if you have a massive hairy gut you dont wear mid drifts?"

"The goggles, they do nothing!"
by Putnik October 25, 2005
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This is a female who enjoys the sensation of anal sex just as much or more than vaginal penetration. These females are often proud of this fact.
"Man, Hillary Scott loves it up her ass! She's a total anal whore"
by Xavier Thompson December 02, 2007
Refers to a woman that prefers anal sex or an uptight picky person whose selfish desires often spoil the fun for the entire group.
Mike: Lets all get pizza at charlie's.
John: Sorry, eric only eats grimaldi's pizza.
Mike: What an anal whore!
by Dark2k1 May 28, 2007

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