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a way of gay sex that was created by minor balls also author of anal trains for dummies. where a bunch of ppl stick each other in the butt forming a train.
Master by Minor Balls.
minor balls, his dad and his sister stick each other at the same time forming an anal train.
by Shambree September 30, 2005
An anal train is a disgusting sex act where a man puts his erect schlong into the girls cornhole while being penetrated by a black man. They will proceed to fuck while walking, in a squatted position, in a circular motion. During orgasm the man in the middle will pull out his cockle and cream in the air while yelling, "Empty the steam stack!", while the black man will yell, "Clean Coal!!!". The group will then proceed to shit on the floor and fall asleep.
Johnny, Tom, and Vanessa had an anal train last night. The carpet cleaners refused to help them.
by Alter3g0 August 07, 2012

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