the insertion of a penis or other phallic shaped implement into the anus. the act is popular among hardy sluts and tolerated by wives and girlfriends. must be used with caution by male partner or other sanctioned penetrator as the urge to scream, 'take it, bitch, take it hard!', while performing the act is quite intense and these observations, if not pre-approved, may lead to tears and hitting.
anal sex is also cherised by the gay community.
bob and sally had anal sex for the first time on their wedding night. afterwards bob slept soundly while sally felt like an object.
sebastian and julian swallowed some poppers and did anal in the alley behind the club.
by sunnie. February 07, 2013
Simply put, Up The Butt
Guy 1: Man last night I had the best anal sex with my girlfriend

Guy 2: Wow Was it Hot and Steamy like Taco Bell?

Guy 1: Hell Yeah

by ConspiracyBang January 08, 2008
how you know your girl truly loves you

the only true form of "safe" sex

how to get into any American fraternity
that bitch Kristina wouldn't give me anal sex, so I dumped her ass

damn that girl's got a big ass, I bet she's great at anal sex

make sure your girl takes a shit before anal sex, or better yet give her an enema
by bill mesich January 16, 2007
The act of being fucked in the poop chute.

l__ ___O
/\ // \\
James: It's easy, all I do is bend over and you stick your penis in my butt

Kyle: Okay, I guess...

James: Anal sex is cool bro. It's cool.
by Joshieewuh July 17, 2009
When a man sticks his penis up a womans butthole and moves it up and down during sex for sexual pleasure.
Josh and i wanted to have sex last night, but he ran out of condoms and i didn't want to get pregnant, so we we had anal sex and he fingered me.
by NickRock May 18, 2005
The thing guys force girls to do once they realize the girls pussy is to loose and they need a tighter hole
Guy: Turn around
Girl: Why?
Guy: Your pussy is too loose
Girl: But i dont wanna...
Guy: Too bad i need something tighter
Girl: Eww no anal sex is gross
Guy: i dont care
by GrapesandCherries July 09, 2013
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