Something pretty unpleasant and guaranteed to spoil a date. Some strange little seals and a rodent creature also sing about this on Can you feel it baby!
I experienced some anal seepage, and had to make excuses to leave incase my date smelt anything funny.
by Pete November 01, 2004
Top Definition
n. the leakage or unprecedented discharge of rectal fluids often following the consumption of violent foodstuffs or the rammage of objects unto the anal cavity.
"hath thou anal seepage, young Ulberth?"
"aye, i 'ave but eaten a rat curry with my daily doseage of bumming action with ye town cryer's brother, Borfred."
by Matt Roberts December 10, 2004
When anal fluid slowly rages out of the butthole.
Hey, man I heard you had a bad case of anal seepage.
#anal #seepage #butt #fluid #rages #slowly
by Tino'slittlesecret April 11, 2009
Is my best friend.
Osmo: "Who's your best friend?"

Kelmo: "Anal seepage!!!!"
#anal #seepage #slop clock #fucking dutch #pure
by itsjacksond00d December 31, 2009
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