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when shit comes out your ass and looks like sausage links, or a person who you describe as a piece of shit, only in a more unique way
That guy is such an asshole. Yea, he is an anal sausage.-
by melissa March 10, 2004
A solid, long, and soft object that is periodically ejected from the anus. Also commonly reffered to as "poo" or "shit."
"Dude, that anal sausage was so huge it clogged the toilet."

"If you don't shut your mouth, I'm gonna drop an anal sausage on your face."
by InZaN3 CrIcKeT January 07, 2006
a shit that's so big it looks like a piece of Sausage floating in the toilet bowl
dude eszy just dropped an anal sausage before the CS-GO tournament
by eszy June 22, 2016
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