Person/persons who obviously have something up their butt, but (no punn intended) feel the need to take it out on everyone else who is undeserving. These people must have everything thing "just so" , in order and are consumed w/ detail. If things aren't going "their way", they will often resort to nagging, bitching, complaining and even delegating tasks/chores in order to have order/control.

Also associated w/ but not limited to control freak and meticulous
He/she is so anal retentive that they flip-a-bitch at the very sight of anything that is not "just so" and must organize immediately!
by Anonymous November 20, 2003
people who call other people anal retentive, who talk about Freud defining anal retentive, who ask people when was the last time they wet their pants or pooped in their diaper and who ask silly annoying questions and refuse to pay proper attention to the rules of the game
Someone who thinks being orderly and clean or striving for perfection is nitpicking or anal retentive are anal retentive themselves.
#nit #picking #orderly #silly #annoying #gave #game
by acorn1 September 19, 2009
Person who retains what should be dispelled from there bowels. Then with nowhere else to go, backs up and runs out there MOUTH.
Quit tocking you anal retentive bastard, your getting shit all over place.
by R. Brollier June 26, 2005
1. Term to describe someone who can't take a shit.

2. Someone who is constipated.
"God, Tim is totally anal retentive."
"Yeah dude he hasn't taken a dump in weeks."
#anal #anal retentive #ass #retentive #anally
by Hodge329.1 May 17, 2009
1. Childishly immature person fixated on (his/her own) feces.

2. Childishly immature person scared to have a shit for fear of losing some valuable part of the body. By extension, scared to throw out/delete/ any part of his/her possessions. Not to be confused with Control Freak.
That anal retentive bitch won't let her kids go anywhere.

My supervisor's such an anal retentive -- he keeps dragging up everyone's mistakes.
by gordon451 July 12, 2003
Bitchy or of being a bitch
Fuck she is so anal retentive today.
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
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