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A reference to penetration] of the anus by or with a phallus] (generally a penis or dildo]) that is attached to a muffin. Known semantic variants include:
1. The act or event of anal penetration by or with a phallus that is attached to a muffin.
2. In an act of anal penetration by or with a phallus that is attached to a muffin, any of the following: the baked part of the muffin; the attached phallus; or the entire muffin+phallus apparatus.
3. Any reference to the online video] "Anal Penetration Muffin," which can be found on several Web] locations, including: The aforementioned video appears to be a spoof] of comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan]'s highly popular "Muffins]" video (

At the time that this definition is being written, the phrase "anal penetration muffin" and its close cousin, "anal muffin]," have only become common in certain West Coast] cities—namely (to this author's knowledge), Los Angeles], San Francisco], Portland], and Seattle].

Real-life instances of anal penetration by muffin have yet to be verified.
1. "I'd rather get an anal muffin than eat your mom's nasty lasagna]!"

2. "Man, your new haircut's whack]. Your head would look better as an anal penetration muffin."

3. "Aw, shit! Fuck! Granny]-slappin' anal penetration muffin! I totally forgot the final] paper's due today!"
by ®© April 13, 2009
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