Pubic hair forming a perimeter around the anal sphincter.
After I toungue fucked Heidi's red eye, I noticed I received a full teeth flossing due to her dense anal muff.
by steeda November 15, 2005
Top Definition
Pubic hair surrounding ones asshole.
"Pearls anal muff left scabs on my cock after trowing her an ass pounding."
by gj6kings November 14, 2005
A pussy that smells so bad it passes as an asshole. A stinky pussy. A pussy one is about to eat until they get a whiff that smells like feces...cunnilingual abort mode is instantly instigated.
Max: "I was as hard as a rock and went down on her, it was so dark I thought I was accidently tonguing her ass until a car went by and the lights shone on us and I could see that it was her pussy that I was licking. She had a serious case of anal muff! I continued anyway 'cause I was so horny!"
Scott: "You scare me dude!"
by psiscott April 09, 2006
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