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1. To refuse receiving anal sex after previously making a commitment to do so. To insure anal for their partner, only to later back out in the sack. Perhaps she/he takes it in the ass VERY briefly before rejecting the penetration; usually either out of discomfort or humiliation.

Consequences of being being openly upset over this deception will often exacerbate the situation. :(

2. The official stand of a woman not to do anal. Not even on special occasions like your birth day, to celebrate an achievement of yours or to "make up" after she makes a critical mistake in the relationship; Disciplinary Anal in the last scenario.

3. To trade sexual favors for ANYTHING, but never doing what was promised. To break a perverted verbal contract.

4. When you pay a prostitute for something special and they don't deliver. The offense of of anal insurrection is not punishable by the law, but if you have connections with organized crime you could get "reimbursed" in some way.

5. The dilemma a man has of trying to get their girl friend or wife to do anal or another sexual favors with the goal of making it acceptable for them.
1. Man, my girl PROMISED she was gonna give me her ass the other night, but when I slipped it in she said "I was just kidding, I don't do anal". I sounded so disappointed that she decided to give it a try, but after 2 pumps she flaked out and got mad at me. I guess I brought this anal insurrection upon myself right?

2. My wife has always been exit only, so I'm forced to get my anal fix from hardcore porn. My marriage has been an anal insurrection. :(

3. My wife said she was gonna start giving me WAY more blow jobs and start doing ATMs after we bought the house, but our sex is still boring. :( I wish I could take her to court over this anal insurrection with Johnny Cochran .... We could hardly afford it, but my judgment was clouded by that whores offer!

4. Cowboy John : "Bobby, this hooker downtown named Vanilla shafted me out of our umm "arrangement". I payed her $300 for her to come to my place, cover her in 1000 Island Dressing, put a weiner dog in a giant funnel and... *gangster raises hand*

Bobby the Jew: "Let's go pay nilla a visit... your word is better than hers or her pimps. On my turf, we don't take ANY anal insurrection on our people, no matter what the terms were."

5. Man I LOVE my girlfriend, but I'm a hardcore ass man and her anal insurrection is killing me. Maybe someday I'm convince her to EXPAND her horizons. ^__^
by ERS++ June 18, 2009
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