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1: Sexual: Partaking in a gang bang-style orgy which is strictly limited to anal sex.

2: Non-sexual: Used to describe a situation or emotion that is less than desired, uncomfortable, or generally bad.
Flip: "Hey yo baby, hows about you an' me hook up and get in on the chocolate train?!"
Rhyonda: "What the hell are you talking about?"
Flip: "Anal gang bang, bitch!"

Cop: "Do you have any idea why I pulled you over?"
Aaron: "Was I speeding, officer?"
Cop: "Well I should say so. I clocked you at 103mph in a 55mph zone. That carries a God damned hefty fine, young man".
Aaron: "Anal gang bang..."
Cop: "STEP OUT OF THE CAR WITH YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR! There will be NO anal gang bang on my watch, BITCH!"
Aaron: "I love a man in uniform..."
by Babies September 13, 2006