When you do a full Nelson in someone's hole.

Mmm hole!
Man you anal full Nelson'd the shit out of that hole
#nelson #full nelson #hole #sin #nelsonmandella
by TheNoisePeople January 25, 2014
Top Definition
Its original got very popular through eFukt

To anal-full-nelson someone means to put them in a situation to easily fuck them in the butt.
Our project was due the same day we had other tests. We were Anal Full Nelson'd by this prof.
#efukt #analfull #anal full #nelson #analfullnelson
by urothermomthatyoudidntknowabou March 12, 2014
Verb: To have anal intercourse with another individual, whilst holding them in the full nelson
Example: Elle, 'I love the anal full nelson, it is sweet'.
'Yes', replied Connor, 'But it often gives me thrush'.
#anal #nelson #intercourse #thrush #fullnelson
by FullTimeGent September 15, 2014
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