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Actually -- just like a regular creampie has nothing to do with licking the fluids back up, neither does an anal creampie. An anal creampie is simply ejaculating inside somebody's ass and then having it ooze back out.
The anal creampie is a beautiful thing, as are those who receive them, and especially as are those who receive them in front of a video camera while spreading their ass cheeks for optimal viewing.
by the letter d May 28, 2007
term given after you cum in an asshole
wow check out that anal cream pie
by todd page June 05, 2004
what happens after being f*cked in the ass
i had a massive anal creampie after being gangbanged by 10 guys.
by anal lover February 02, 2009
see also: mud pie
Johan didn't pull out of her ass in time, thus giving Samantha a nice mud pie.
by Doomie June 07, 2004
What happens after harcore anal sex. If you a heterosexual the manjaculation will drip from the anus into the pussssssy. If you are a Dudley or a Wixon the manjaculation will drip onto the balls causing a creampie affect.
Dudley and Wixson had some delicious anal cream pie today, so they say.
To ejaculate in another person's anus with out a condom, and then perform analinguis on them, licking it out.
After I busted my nut deep in Amy's ass, I buried my face between her cheeks and she gave me an anal creampie.
by Dr. Hoepenstein May 21, 2004
to buttfuck someone and ejaculate into their ass, and then lick up all the semen
after i buttfucked her, she let me have an anal creampie
by hidalgo May 23, 2004
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