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n. when alcohol is poured down one man's back, over the anus, and into the open mouth of the anal chugger. similar to funneling.
I couldn't believe those gay fucks, they did an anal chug last night!
by Maya Angelou December 18, 2004
A celebratory act performed mostly by sporst teams. One dude crouches on a table whilst another lies beneath him. A third pours beer down the ass crack of dude 1 into dude 2's mouth.

Whilst widley promoted as a standard appraoch to marking important sports victories, it should be noted that the anal chug is, in fact, primarily a method of satisfying deeply repressed homosexual urges in an exlusively male environment.
We beat State with three from downtown right on the buzzer. Awesome!!! So Chip, Brad and Mike did an anal chug in the bar that night.

Phil: Great TD today Mac. You da man brother. Let's anal chug to celebrate!
Mac: Are you saying you want to suck my dick?
Phil: Yes please
by The_Trill_LV September 21, 2013
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