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The bodily orifice that something shoved up the ass goes into.
Note the slightly forced pronunciation here to get the rhyme.
Fabs took it up the anal canal like a man.
by Ian Chode February 24, 2004
Analcanal- The whole canal of the anoos(anus), including shpincter, rectum, and perianal region. (In Holland spelled "analkanal")
(anal-canal) (anal-kanal) (anus cavity)
"I fucked that bitch in her analcanal, and man was it tight"
"Oh man, I just sharted all over and it came sideways out of my analcanal"
"Headquarters, lets send a remote bugging device into the human cavity to observe recent activity. I will launch it via the anal canal, and it will gain access to anus."
by benjaminsuccess October 31, 2007