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Anal bifida is an unbelievable defect caused by the incomplete formation of the assholium during proctogenesis. If the anal aperture is freakishly flabby, some portion of the rectum may cantilever like a festive pink party balloon beyond the anal chasm.

Anal bifida is one of the bifidas.
She is gorgeous despite her anal bifida.

Anal bifida: We will find a cure!
#anal #anus #rectum #bifida #goatse #defect #disease #balloon #prolapse
by rod sewert September 01, 2010
A healthy treat.
Also paralized or lack of anal canel.
Also too much anal sex from oversized ramrods resulting in internal heamorrage.
An all round ass pounding.
Charley forced his gigantic RAMROD up by bottom yesterday, Twas great!

Alex missed my sniz and plugd my arse, total anal bifida.
#anal #bifida #ramrod #sniz #paralysis
by Alex,Nicole October 06, 2008
when you fuck a girl in the ass and pull out it makes her butthole pucker out
man i was at this party lastnite and i had sex with this chick so hard i gave her anal bifida
#anal #booty #bifida #butthole #pucker
by koffin robber August 17, 2010
nasty smelly white discharge (not feces) from the anus
my cat anal bifida(ed) all over my bed! It stunk!
#bifida #anal leak #smelly discharge #butt juice #butt period
by peanut24476 July 18, 2008
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