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The phomonen of having anal sex with a woman, cumming, and then have the seamen leak from her anus and into her vagina causing her to become pregant and have a baby.
1) You are an anal baby.
2) I thought I had a bastard son, turns out he is an anal baby.
by The Escalade crew September 19, 2006
after anal sex with a woman semen leaks out of the anus and down to the vagina, the woman then uses the juices as a lube and masturabtes with it thus ending with her getting pregnant
Jerry you kids are all anal babies.
by Friley July 30, 2006
A neonate that is conceived and delivered through the anal canal.
Have you met that kid Tommy? He's a real life anal baby.
by CroatianRage October 23, 2010
The result of anal sex.
Me and Janet were making anal babies last night.
by Rik Jameson May 18, 2006
an anal baby is a black kid
No Steve! Don't cum in my ass, I don't want to have any anal babies
by PushingNico October 25, 2009
well, no easy way to put it, it's shit, poo, turds..
Man you should have seen the size of those anal babies I just gave birth to, it would have to of been at least 3 kilo's of nard.
by G Dood May 31, 2008
babies that come from tha anus but... if u think about it u cant get pregnent from anal sex so for less chance of getting pregnrnt have anal sex and make anal babies :] USE PROTECTION!!!
dude: o my gowd man i was up all last night makin anal babies
dudette: i kno man i was ther
dude: lmsao! gowd man cant wate till im a anal dad (Y)
by stillnotperfect June 23, 2006
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