snobby stuck up stupid mexican bitch who thinks they are really tough and tends to drive a golden mini van...Makes out with other girls infront of her boyfriend (who is ugly so i don't blame her) also have cousins that stock people.Who need their hair redone cause it looks like shit and braces...and needs some make up for the huge bags under her other words a gross disgusting mexican whore!!!!
stupid 7th grade girl named anakaren from shuksan middle school....
by Keilani January 03, 2008
Top Definition
A very unique and gorgeous name of a smart, talented and beautiful girl like no other.The Perfect Woman known to mankind.
Anakaren is the best girl you will ever meet! And she's soo hot too!
by anakaren March 06, 2007
a back stabbing bitch who is ushually spoiled and selfish a mean girl to all innocent nice girls in the world nice girls beware of the anakarens of this world
a anakaren pretends 2 b ur friend and is there 4 u but says crap bout u behind ur back;
by jennymayva January 20, 2009
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