Anais are usually have gingery/brown and are secretly ugly, but hide it. They're personality is ugly too. They love attention, because they are generally attention seekers, and turn every story around, too start talking about there-self. There bestfriends, are better than her, but she feels like she's always the best.
She take's too heart what people say, and give's out alot of shit. They usually turn out lesbians, because anais hate boys. They weren't always like that though,because in earlier stage's in life,they are bisexuals but just turn out pure lesbians.
They are mean people, and bitch about everyone going!
person 1: ew, who's that? She's really mean!
person 2: oh her? I agree, shes an anais!
person 1: omg, every likely
person 2: yup..
by dancela December 02, 2011
Top Definition
the most beautiful,sweetest and funniest girl.she is beautiful inside and out, whos natural beauty much fun to be around always with a smile on her face.a super girly girl who loves shopping and whos favorite color is pink. a lot of people think she is shy and not athletic, but her truest friends know she is super talkative and has a black belt in tae kwon doe. all the boys secretly love her and all the girls secretly want to be her.she has long gorgeous dark brown hair and soft smooth skin.most people think she is innocent but in the insides she is a sassy lil' girl who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in even if she knows it could get her in a lot of trouble.if you know an anais consider yourself lucky
what is wrong with anais, i mean like no one can be so beautiful on the inside and out.
by pinkgirly247 September 08, 2010
1) Grace
Gender: Female
Origin: Hebrew

A person who will stand up for what is right and is not easily persuaded. One who is there to command and give orders. A person many people fear and respect. Because of many of her great qualities people cannot ever keep her of their minds and mouth. Everyone secretly wishes they were her friend. Always the center of attention. People, specially men cannot get enough of her. Loves animals, children, and the elderly. A high intellectual that will do wonders for this world.
I wish I could be like Anais, graceful and strong.
Anais is such a caring person who will stand up for unjustice.
To be Anais, is to be great, almost God like.
by gracefulbeauty June 26, 2009
A beautiful girl with a unique name who is always down to party and likes food and has a great smile and is very funny.
by c nuggs March 19, 2009
Probably one-a-tha coolest 'n' cutest gals evar. Sexxy as hay-le, she aint no 'tute but she'll smackaho if one of them gets all up in her greeeeel. She sure aint all sass tho. In fact, most o' the time, she givin' me smiles 'stead'a wipin' 'em off the face o' dem hos.
This one day my bud Charlene was jokin' around, tossin pumpkin caps at the off person. At one point, she flings one at ol' Anais without realisin' the full implications of her actions. Anyways, that hot booty-prowler comes rollin' on over with her cuppa and gives that ho a faceful of hot water to think about, and that was that.
by Fiddddy cent March 19, 2009
A prostitute, a person who has sex, or performs sexual favors, for money, but does not allow her other "close" companions to know, preferring to live a double life.

Anais traditionally is a spice that is the basis of licorice flavoring. If you have ever encountered the raw spice, it seems as if it would taste nice, but it doesn't at all. It burns and leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. It also has a diuretic effect (i.e., back in the day people would eat it to clean their system out... mostly the back end... if you know what I mean).

Anais the spice has antiviral properties as well. Even viruses think it is disgusting!

ANYWAY, "anais" is a prostitute that pretends to not be a prostitute.
He worried his girlfriend was an anais when she came home at 5 AM and said she had been shopping all night.

In her anais mentality, her friends didn't need to know the exciting and naughty life she lived on the outside. She was like a superhero with a secret identity.
by BellaMars January 04, 2009
While some prefer to wax philosphical about all things life, the Anai is a type of child who keeps itself recluse. Away from others, and with forbidden secrets, it feeds on the scraps of the birds and stalks males that take it's fancy. One for the night time horror stories.
Dude 1:Hey look, it's Golem! From Lord of the Rings.

Dude 2: No dude, it's an Anai.

Dude 1: Ho shit, you'z right.

Dude 2: Be careful, get too close and it'll bite your crotch.
by 1Unit1 October 10, 2008
a woman with a beautiful booty. unfortunately, this woman plays hard to get, as she is able to choose any man she desires. she likes laughing and having a good time with her friends. and she usually smokes something. like weed. but in the end it really is worth it.
1) Julien: hey anais wanna date?
Anais: yes, but only because you're REALLY hot.
2) Soph: are you having a good time anais?
Anais: yes.
by sophia242 May 22, 2008
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