1)A person who has committed suicide. Note that this term is not generally used for people that use suicide as a warfare tactic (such as kamikaze pilots or suicide bombers) UNLESS they fail to acheive their objective while killing themselves.

2) Someone who does something so dangerously stupid that it results in their death, effectively accidentally comitting suicide.
Budd Dwyer became an hero.
by Ace Crikey December 06, 2006
A term meaning of a person who commit suicide over something insignificant. It was created when the people would've said an idiot, but stammered to create "an hero".
An idiot: I'm an hero.
by spi.. July 20, 2007
When you pwn yourself IRL for a really really funny reason.
habbo: i can't get in the pool.
NlGRA: the pool is closed. the pool has aids.
*habbo becomes an hero.
by BloodyStool September 10, 2007
an hero or anti hero opposite of hero.
He went an hero. She was an an hero. An hero become one. His t.v. went an hero last week. Her car went an hero an died last week.
by deviant christ February 18, 2009
A person who commits suicide after killing a large number of other people,
(like that Asian guy at Virginia Tech, or Hitler)
or fails at killing themself miserably.
Taylor overdosed on Advil, but got her stomach pumped at the hospital, where her life was saved, and she became 'an hero.'
by anherotaylor August 11, 2007
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