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the amygdala is a small almond shaped structure at the center of the brain
If I see a tiger in the shrubbery my amygdala will trigger a fear response which will stimulate my adrenal glands to produce the 'fight or flight' reaction.
by David R Halliday November 13, 2007
one of the COOLEST anatomy words ever created.

Commonly known as a very distinct DEATH CALL.

the part of your brain that gives you fears and anxieties.
The fear-some three-some cried out, "AMYGDALA!!!" as they lunged from the bushes and slaughtered every human soul around.

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" we laughed, "Your amygdala has so many things going through it that you just shit yourself!"
by jakeruels April 11, 2008
Definition: The portion of your brain that enables you to control emotions.

background: In the front of your temporal lobe, an almond shaped mass of grey matter.
man, that chick needs to get her amygdala fixed, she totally tweaked at me when she found me in bed with her sister.
by Alissa September 07, 2004

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