Built by Flemish merchants in the 13th century mainly from Antwerp.
Thanks to Pulp Fiction it is now welknown for its drugs. The only attraction in this city.
Amsterdam world bordelo!
by Lee Towers October 06, 2004
tiny village in holland where all the 15-30 year old british lagerlouts that smoke weed and fuck whores hang about.

Because its such a small town all the evil weed smokers and other scum hang about in the same place as the ordinary, decent people who just want to go shopping. This scum goes around stealing cameras and stuff and then sells it to feed their weed smoking and whore fucking addictions.
I went to Amsterdamn and some fucktard stole my brand new Nikon E2200 there. I dont think I'll be going there again any time soon.
by towel401 September 14, 2004
Amsterdam is NOT THE CAPITOL of The Netherlands, The Hague (Den Haag) is. Nevertheless, Amsterdam is the freakin' greatest place on earth.
New York is a major city in The US - the capitol of The US is Washington,DC
Amsterdam is a major city in The Netherlands - the capitol of The Netherlands is The Hague
by DamnTheBroccoli July 12, 2006
amsterdam -Verb

A amsterdam is when: You hit town with your girlfriend and smoke weed, then get back home for some sensual sex!
Group chat with homies:
You: Let's do something today guys!

You: Long time since we did some crazy shiit
Friend4: Sry man doing an amsterdam tonight! sry again
Friend3: dayum Friend4! you have that kush though?

friend2: Im in on hitting town today! Good look on your amsterdam Friend4
friend1: Better be a good amsterdam then, bros before hoes you know !
by UZHA June 20, 2016
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