John Ashcroft's worst nightmare.
Weed and sex can be found in abundance in Amsterdam.
by JB June 23, 2004
Nickname for marijuana.
That Amsterdam made me so slow.
by Aero-Bar June 30, 2009
A place in upstate NY (Montgomery County). Also called "Rug City" Amsterdam was a bustling city at the turn of the century due to the factories which eventually led to it's economic downfall.
Have you ever been to Amsterdam?


No, Amsterdam NY.

Oh.. no... never even heard of it.
by Jack January 31, 2005
capital of holland, also know as the netherlands, were the people speech dutch and smoke it as well. pot is not legal there it is toleranted, the same goes for prostitution and other soft drugs like shrooms, peyote, etc...
"Yo Adam! I'm shrooming so hard, we need to smoke a joint, whats that?, you forgot it in the hotel! Oh wait we're in Amsterdam, I see a cafe about a block away, boy was stressin' or what?!
by adam z. May 17, 2004
Once upon a time, highest number of millionnaires per capita in the US, and the birthplace of Kirk Douglas (his dad was a ragman). Urban renewal destroyed it.
Another desolate Upstate NY town that has seen much much better days.
by Maud March 15, 2005
A small suburban city outside of Albany, New York with a population of about 18,000. Filled with wannabee gangsters, snotty bitches, and drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.
Person from Albany area: Where are you from?

Amsterdam person: Amsterdam.

Person from Albany area: Go smoke a blunt pot head.
by imsweeeeeeet345 November 07, 2007
A city where stupid Americans go to smoke pot. If you are armed and see an American smoking pot in public, shoot him without reservation. He does not deserve to live.
American Tourist: Hey, guys, I've got some weed. I'm so cool that I'll smoke it in public just because I can!
Amsterdam Citizen: Good for you. When are you going to leave?
by BushEqualsCunt July 29, 2006
Originally the name of what is now known as New York City.
Wha??? NYC used to be called Amsterdam? Those slimy dutch bastards are everywhere!
by Grave diggin mofo September 20, 2004

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