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1. A total, yet temporary, loss of memory, especially the "w" words: i.e. who, what, where and why which results from a massively violent sneeze.

Example: I was about to order that bitchin' rim out of the catalog when I nearly blacked out from amsneezia. All I remember was that about ten minutes later I realized I was staring into space and that my hands were covered with snot.

2. A total, permanent memory loss of the actual occurrence of the violent sneeze itself.

Example: I must have sneezed, because I feel dizzy, my sinuses are suddenly completely pouring out of me, my heart is racing and I'm higher than a kite on a full-on rush of histamines, but I absolutely don't remember sneezing.
Otherwise henceforth to be known as total amsneezia and partial amsneezia.

You're welcome.
by lesliewithkitties January 07, 2014
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