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Turkish man who cannot function without trying to get laid. Basically, a guy who is obsessed with pussy.

The active search for pussy at any given moment: amsalaking.
Kivanç is a real gentleman - he is not an amsalak like Utku. You should go out with him instead.
by Tamam April 22, 2009
Amsalak is the Turkish word for pussy chasing. If used as a noun, it can be very effective when trying to negotiate Taksim Square on any given night as a label for over enthusiastic men. The male to female ratio is usually about 7:1. Men roam in groups looking for women, i.e. "am" or pussy.

An amsalak is any man who cannot go a given amount of time, such as more than ten minutes, without looking at any woman and trying to figure out how to fuck her.
Can is such an amsalak - but he doesn't ever get any.
by B'rittle April 21, 2009
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