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1. Being sexually aroused to an extreme point of sexual frustration. This normally occurs when taking part in sexual intercourse and predominantly foreplay with your spouse, this only occurs after marriage.
2. Can also be used as a curse when angry with the world, this happens on many occassions and different situation which require the curse, also it can be regarded as blasphemous to those who believe in the wonders of ampwah
1. Oh darling i'm rather ampwah
2. Oh ampwah i locked my keys in my BMW
by DoctorRobynLee June 18, 2010
1. this is when you want sex so badly you break multiple beds in the process, when wanting sex person in question will shout ampwah and bang table with fists and feet until given.
2.Also ampwah is the god of sex and calling upon ampwah will make your woman feel like no women ever felt in their life, their orgasm will be so intense they scream ampwah
3. Ampwah is a general curse could be regarded as blasphemous
1.AMPWAH give it to! i want ampwah so bad i might cream
2. ampwah be with me my cock is only 2 inches
3. oh ampwah i stubbed my toe i want sex tonight
by GABERASTAAMPWAH June 18, 2010
wanting sex really badly
general curse
fuck me i want ampwah
oh shit it hurt AMPWAH
get me some ampwah, i want to ampwah that ass.
by clemmmmmmmmieeeeesexmachine June 18, 2010
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