A poor poker player - equally bad in tournaments and regular play.
Lawfi5h is an amphibian.
by Cohete November 17, 2004
Top Definition
A class of vertebrates that includes frogs, toads, and salamanders. Amphibians are born in the water but they grow up on land.
Frogs are amphibians.
by David March 06, 2004
A fecal specimen which straddles the porcelain coast, partially in and partially out of the water. An amphibian is neither a floater nor a sinker, until forced back into the icy depths. Usually type 3 or 4 on the Bristol Stool Scale.

Amphibians rarely go undetected because they are very heavy breathers. But if they do go unnoticed and manage to survive the whirlpool they are likely to expire on shore and become a sticktite.
Hey Todd, have you ever noticed the the amphibian assault effect up on 12 every Thursday morning? You think it has anything to do with Bagel Wednesday?
by dook dook baby September 25, 2006
the average freshie
grosssssss did u see that thing?! wat an amphibian
by gus July 09, 2003
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