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A huge video game media network
Did you happen to see that new article on Amped today?
by Jason Stevens February 04, 2005
15 38
Fired up, awaiting big thrill, stoked, ready to roll
I was amped for the upcoming X-Games
by chris May 14, 2003
363 44
excited, or hopped up on AMPhetamines
"Did you take your meds today?"
"Twenty miligrams worth, and I'm feeling so amped I could kill a damn verse."
by glock liberty August 30, 2003
99 98
Hyped up; Crazy; No way of controling one who is amped.
My friend John gets AMPED when drinking mountain dew and listening to lil john!! WHAAAATT!! OK!!! YEEEEAH!!!
by Insane V April 16, 2004
48 54
when u take crystal aka tweak and you cant stop talking walking around or you cant sleep.
" tweaker's are always amped
by Lisa April 09, 2004
24 40
High on speed, technical name Methamphetamine.
"I just smoked a bulb and I'm so amped!"
by callinghome November 01, 2004
49 70
hyper,crazy; of or relating to insanely brave
also: Getting High
Man that bitch gets pretty amped when it comes to sex.
by Moises Araiza January 26, 2006
22 45