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Short for aphetamines. Can eiter be methamphetamine or dextro or levo-amphetamine. It can be snorted and is really great.
Dude, he just railed a huge line of amps!
by cook471 March 08, 2006
Short for amplifiers. They take a small amount of sound from a guitar/electric piano/bass and magnify it.
My amps sucks total and utter balls. :(
by The Swedish October 01, 2005
Noun: Acronym for the three things every woman should look for in a man. Ambition, Money, and Power. These three things in a large majority of cases can even trump a man's appearance.

*Note: Motivation may be used as a substitute for Money when explaining AMP to judgmental friends who may try and identify you as a gold-digger.
"Holy shit, Bob is so hot, and he has a ton of AMP!"

"John is okay in the looks department, but his AMP definitely makes up for it."
by Snow_White March 15, 2009
a group of girls that are well-known aka polos.. they design their own clothes which say A.M.P everywhere. they have crazy nights with keystone light. they consider themselves family & you can not JOIN them. its like the black american express card, you have to be invited.
how gnar are those A.M.P girls?
by A.M.P/Polo October 22, 2006
Ass to mouth to pussy
Chase - "Dude I totally amp that chick last night"

Kyle - "Whats amp?!?"

Chase - " I stuck it in her ass then mouth then pussy lol"

Kyle - " Dude im goin to fromal with her" =*(
by The_Reel_Deal April 08, 2010
Short for amphetamines.
I take amps when I need to do school work.
by opiatehead March 07, 2005
To hang out with someone for a prolonged period of time.
Man1: Lets go see clif

Man2: Yeah, we can amp with him all day.
by Edyman69 September 27, 2008