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An hugely respected organization whose sole purpose is to promote and preserve human rights across the globe, which is not blinded by idealogical barriers -- they go after right- and left-leaning dictatorships equally -- and which does not compromise itself by casting its lot with corporations, governments or elected officials.
History has found Amnesty International to be on the right side of nearly every international crisis.
#human rights #integrity #dignity #above reproach #uncompromised
by MRT2 October 06, 2006
an organization that exploits human rights for its own political or religious beliefs, and whose members are experts on how they extort a large sum of money from governments, especially the governments of the G8 countries
Check how frequently Amnesty International uses this word, reparations, in every report.
#organization #human rights #blackmail #reparations #money
by Abajian October 29, 2005
Organization whos purpose is to give basci freedom to people in opressing countries.
Amnesty International should really try to legalize pot.
by nigger lovin joe June 11, 2005
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