A mental illness which consumes your mind and makes it so that you cannot sleep at night. There is no treatment for this.
I have amna so my life is ruined.
I cannot stop thinking of amna.
#disease #infection #illness #sickness #ailment
by Bhow Win November 10, 2008
Top Definition
'amna' is:
1. cool
2. nice
3. sweet
B: "that girl is so awesome"
C: "yeah, she's amna"
#cool #sweet #nice #kind #lovable
by Me.~ October 27, 2006
generally doing something crazy. like really crazy....crazier than anything you've ever seen ever.
man, that girl is throwing an amna
#crazy #girl #name #throwing #the
by ap123 December 05, 2008
Someone who is really hot. She might as well be one of the hottest people you would ever meet. You would be lucky to even have her talk to you, that's how amazing she is.
"Damn, is that Amna"
"Dude is she looking at u"
"Ya bro! Our lives are complete!"
#hot #amazing #amna #better #damn
by Daaaaaaammmnnn July 01, 2013
Arabic, meaning peace, or safety, go to amani (nickname of Amna)

Seemingly unemotional, Amna is calm and reserved, haughty and detached. Most certainly, she is sober and very deep, but she is also shy, honest, and of impeccable morality. Patient, secure, disciplined, determined and level-headed, Amna is nonetheless apprehensive and uncertain. She tends to have low self-esteem and can be quite reserved
"I try to annoy Amna, but its like she can't even hear me"
#amani #peace #aminah #security #arabic #feminine
by quietness8395 July 03, 2013
A bitch hoe who specializes in making sandwices, but who refuses to make sandwiches for black men, or bring drinks. She is extremely stubborn and is often found out of the kitchen when she is not supposed to be.
Damn, fucking amna got us sandwiches, but not drinks. And she forgot one for the black man!
#bitch #hoe #sandwich #women #kitchen
by John waggner January 07, 2011
another name for cows
used for big booty chicks
when find some new species, they them the "amna" until they decide an specific name for it.
1. i saw an "amna" eating some grass in the fields.
2. man this chick is "amna"
2. hey the scientists found some new "amnas" but name iz not yet decided
#cow #amna #booty #species #aisha
by ali mehdi January 10, 2008
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