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negro dialect for "I am going to"
Amma do Dialo and Dialo will do me.
by gary popkin May 11, 2006
means mother in kannada,tamil,telugu and malayalam
amma I am coming home today
by rrao September 16, 2008
Nigga slang for "I'm going to"
Amma bust cap in your ass, bitch.
by AmmaHata March 22, 2003
Ammas would mostly be a name for a boy
3.a guy that every gurl wants
4.has flaws
5.overlooks anything that comes along his way
6.anyone would be lucky to know a Ammas
7.gets what he wants
Man hes not like the other guys he a ammas.the guy that u would wanna be serious with.
by haresh August 03, 2011