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roughly banging a hot girl until she moans extremely loud.
i'm going to amita her so hard tonight.
by talkinboutem May 08, 2008
67 75
Meaning Unlimited in hindi
amita is so cool
by coolboy21 February 08, 2010
50 11
A girl's name (although there are male variants e.g. Amit or Amitabh). Means "Infinite" or " unlimited" in Sanskrit or Hindi and also is a truncation of one of the names for the Buddha (Amitabha - the manifestation of Immeasurable Light).

It is also a Hebrew name that means "truth" or "honest friend". Romance language versions include Amity, Amite and Amica
I like Amita, she's nice.
by JazzyMelody August 02, 2013
5 0