How asian people address hispanics, especially when working as dishwashers in chinese restaurants.
Hey amigo, you forgot to scrub out the woks!
by sean-socal May 25, 2008
Friends like AB, JD, LF, JH, LR get together and do pilates or go shopping or whatever girls do best!
EX: walking into abercrombie and fitch and say OMG look at that! and no we r not talking about the clothes$$
by Shaniqua November 18, 2003
Motorized shopping carts to carry and assist the elderly and disabled in grocery stores.
Some GILF in an amigo swooped in and grabbed the last jar of Jack's Special Salsa.
by Coell November 10, 2005
A piece of shit car than no one should be seen driving.
"If I drove an Amigo, I'd kick my own ass!" Rahul
by Todd McCock October 05, 2003

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