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Someone who is fat by American standards, which is considered intensely obese in any other culture. Otherwise known as "American fat", or "Godzilla-esque".
Yo, check that girl out.
Gross dude, she's totally amerifat.
Yeah, she's got a nice booty though...
Whaaaat, that's nasty man, you smoking crack?
#obses #overweight #godzilla-esque #american fat #undesirable
by makimaki-chan May 26, 2010
'Amerifat' {ah • meh • ree • fat}; noun; contraction of 'American' (a citizen of the United States of America) and 'fat' (to be overweight due to excess body fat):
1. An overweight American person or citizen of the U.S.
2. A typical American person as seen by non Americans
3. An American given to over-eating in-keeping with the nation's mantra of excess and 'bigger = better'
4. A lazy American person averse to exercise and a healthy lifestyle
'Damn!, those Amerifats are dumb!'
'Don't dare take an Amerifat's meal - he's liable to shoot you!'
'Cheetos and shitcoms have made the U.S. fraught with Amerifats'
#amerifat #ameritard #american #yankee #typical american
by Oishiimaru August 11, 2013
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