Basically it's a school full of people that say the same things:

"I got into Harvard, Yale, Penn, insert any other much better school...But I got a free ride @ AU." - it seems no one pays for education at AU. EVERYONE got a full scholarship.

"I'm really rich. insert name slept with me cuz i shop at Saks like everyday" OR "I was really, really rich, but um, I was disowned, stock market trouble, insert any financial disaster

Let's face it...AU is not Gtown, it's not GW, it's not College Park (which actually has decent frats and frat houses). I don't even think it's better than Catholic. Their campus looks like it was built by the Soviet Union and the students are all bitter about being there.
AU GUY: Yeah so my parents invented the Internet and own Coca Cola.

AU GUY #2: Awesome. I got into like Harvard, P-ton, D-mouth, and Stanford.

AU GIRL: Omg same! Do you wanna go smoke some cigarettes, head back to our shitty dorms, and have lots of sex? All the guys at Gtown, GW, and Maryland said I'm too much a dirty skank whore.
by gladidontgothere August 28, 2005
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