a typical car where young naive, lost, cocky, white boys would drive not knowing shit about cars, and thinks their cars the shit just becuase it beat some riced out import and would get all excited about beating it, thus thinking all imports are crap. well, the sad thing is muscle car fans out there u gotta be joking with ur tin can piece of crap, ugly, unreliable, muscle cars, cuz any import around the same price range will kill it either in the straight away or the curves. actually it doesnt even have to be on the same price range, and would still beat it.

all you dumbass white boys think honda civics, and accords are the only imports out their but think again. there are many imports that can beat mustangs, camaros, transams, and even corvettes with some mods. and we're only talking about the straights.

some ex will be:(evo9,sti,350z,s2000,type s,skyline,supra twin turbo,wrx,) so many more to name. and note all these cars with only 2000-3000 dollars in mods or even less will kill all muscle cars.

an evo9 or sti with just a reflash will kill mustangs, transams, and camaros on the drag. so you muscles fans out their just admit it that ur cars suck dick. not even white girls like it. too bad all the chicks dig imports. another plus side is that it has style, quality, fuel efficient, light, chick magnets, and handles million times better.

i own a sti and spent only 2300 dollars in mods which includes( vishnu stage 1, used hks turbo back, manual boost control, and a used down pipe) and beat a 2006 corvette by one car length, which cost almost twice as much even with all the mods. thats pretty sad you muscle car fans, isnt it. and the conclusion is this if i can beat a corvette then i can beat about 90% of all muscles cars. so dont even argue any more aiite. its over. nothing to argue about. muscles cars suck no matter what. its the fact. aiite payce.
american muscle: hey wanna race gotta corvette, and i bet i can toy with ur little toy.

stier: ok no problem lets see what u can do you little american muscle boy.( vroom, tires screechh and sti takes off)

american muscle: oh shit where did that lil car go. oh dam its already at the drive thru at mcdonalds. wtf...
by muscle fan August 18, 2006
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