The American Flag is just another one of the perverse terms for a crude sexual act in the same family as the "dirty sanchez". Ther American Flag starts off with a male recieving oral sex from a female. When the male is on the brink of his climax, he must first punch the woman in the eye (creating a blue like coloring), punch her in the nose (creating red from the blood), and finally shooting his semen onto the other eye, thus creating Red, White, and Blue.
The other day when my girl was giving me head, I totally American Flaged her when she was least expecting it! sadly, she dumped me shortly afterward.
by Darius M. July 12, 2006
sumthin Bush made in to a crappy symbol for all the world to hate... Thanks Bush, u ruined patriotism, u little faggot.
All of the UN hates us and Bush
by Steve February 06, 2004
when u say the pledge every morning, u r saying that a piece of cloth is more important than u. i say, THAT'S FUCKING BULLSHIT!
Piece of Shit: Look a missile coming right towards us! I'm going to grab the American Flag and run, while i leave this poor defensless infant to die because inanimate objects are more important than people.
Me: you hopeless little Piece of Shit!*Nails him to the ground, grabs the baby, and runs*
by zack423 September 30, 2006
Something to be burned every now and then. Something to not care about, along with every other flag or symbol in existence because all it is is a symbol, with a consentual meaning that doesn't actualy exist. Sadly, many people have died for a symbol or lame cause. Remember, that it is up to the individual to have freedom, and no system of government offers that. A person can decided to have freedom in any dictatorship, while an American can sit on their ass and watch the military channel thinking how great it is that she/he has freedom in theory but not in pracitce, for that American will be working for the American government for the rest of her\his life and will most likely value consumerism over action and desire.
At the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas, protestor Gregory Lee Johnson burned an American flag in front of Dallas City Hall. Johnson was charged and convicted with desecration of a venerated object. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned the conviction in 1988 and the Supreme Court took up the issue the following year. In Texas v. Johnson, the Supreme Court upheld the decision that burning the flag was a form of free speech.

excerpt from
by Jesse Wroe May 08, 2005
A highly combustible rectangular piece of material used throughout the world in place of fireworks.
The burning of this kindling material when performed in crowds usually causes great joy and elation to the people who see the occurance, who generally begin dancing and laughing with delight when viewing this activity.
There is only one place in the world where this activity is frowned on (The U.S.A) however most of the citizens of this particular location do not recognise the rest of the world as valid independent nations.
Dave turned on the TV to watch the 9 O'Clock news.
There was some kind of celebration taking place in the Middle East with lots of dancing, laughter and American Flag burning.
by ShamC October 09, 2007
A noun describing a childishly coloured, rectangular sheet of any textile with flamable properties. Most commonly used worldwide as a make-shift bonfire during street celebrations.
"I used to burn dollar bills until I realised that it actually deflated the currency. Now I burn American flags, as long as they are made in China of course."
by Frantic July 06, 2005
"a symbol of freedom and patriotism" this and other definitions are inaccurate ways to define the term "american flag". The best way to explain the flag is - a symbol of the sale of freedom(s) by democracy to the average gullable American citizen through taxes, tariffs, and such. With the money raised by selling such freedoms, redneck presidents (such as George W. Bush), can make more weapons and sell them to 3rd world countries and attack them later on for being a threat to american interests.
The american flag was intended to support the new freedom of a new country, in 1776. A reason why we broke from the british centurys ago was for the inapproriate taxation of americans. Today we still have taxes and a lot of it goes to wars and weapons of mass destruction which will lead to further economic difficulties in other foreign countries
by CaptainAnarchy December 14, 2003
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