The american dream is, in essence, liberty. You can come to America and not be held back by the government, your religion, or your social status. The american dream is freedom.
the american dream is freedom
by Navioxupos March 13, 2006
The idea that in America everyone has the oppurtunity to be succesful, so if you aren't then you are lazy and probably a Mexican.
Juan has spent fifteen years working fourteen hours a day in a sweatshop. The American Dream is shit.
by Jussayin June 23, 2010
a) The greatest luxury RV of all time. Real marble counters and a vibrating bed for the best sex EVER!!!!!!!!!!

b) When a man can be a man, a women can be a women, and a man can be a women with a fake vagina.

c) Fast food, lots of sex, tattoos, buying food stamps off homeless people for 50 bucks, and SNAKES ON A PLANE.

d) Being able to pay a hooker in McBucks.

e) When it is okay to masturbate to "A Christmas Story".

f) All of the above, plus Santa Claus.

Man 1: I'm living the American dream.
Man 2: If you have a fake vagina please don't tell me!!!
Man2 shoots Man1, takes his money, fucks his wife, and buys a pizza.
by Chewbacca Committee August 21, 2006
the hope of engaging in a sexual situation; getting laid.
Gio is looking to fulfill his american dream on prom night.
by E-Ball July 04, 2004
Having sex with Jenna Jameson and three other porn stars of your choice.
I have enormous balls, Jenna.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
Something republicunts (repubs like bush) are destroying right now.
George W. Bush
by Fred July 01, 2004
A really good stuffs
Thats dreamy...its an american dream
by Cangh Jui May 28, 2003

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