A concept that died around 1973. Originally the dream of being a blue-collar manufacturer living in a suburban house with a white picket fence with your wife and two kids. The term was rendered obselete as the American economy became based on service with manufacturing jobs being taken over by China and Japan.
Only the consistantly dim-witted and naive portion of American citizens still believe in the idea of the American dream.
by radium April 18, 2006
Any impossible get-rich-quick or love at first sight type gimmick that was used to exploit legions of immigrants and blind, hopeful dreamers once upon a time.

This dream is especially important in an individualistic, greedy society in which wealth equals true human value. To many, the American dream is to become rich or famous. To some, it is to be extremely happy.

Both will lead to ruin and leave the dreamers disillusioned.
F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and Theodore Dreiser's An American Tragedy both discuss the downfalls of the American Dream.
by anonymous December 13, 2004
To kill your employer
"Kill my boss? Do I dare live out the great american dream?"-Homer Simpson(Probably misquoted.)
by birdboy2000 February 22, 2004
to achieve wealth or success by doing little or no work.
6 months after robbing houses and slangin dope, i was living the american dream.
by ev3ccman January 28, 2009
The fallacy that 100% of a population can have higher living standards than 90% of themselves.
Joe: Hey, Fred! If I stand on your head, I'll be higher up than you.
Fred: Great! Then I can climb up and stand on YOUR head, I will be higher up than you, and we'll both be higher up than we are now!
Sue: Oh dear! You're having the American Dream.
by Jules1967 August 17, 2004
Having a big car, house, paycheck, and lots of friends. Shitting on the rest of the world in order to have a life of ridiculous consumption and waste. Becoming overweight and then spending years on diets and treadmills to fight the disgusting processed food one is constantly shoving in the mouth. Putting chemicals and endless amounts of water onto one's lawn in order to have a lawn greener than one's neighbor.
The American Dream is a broken thing.
by Poppy Luxing October 29, 2008
the bullshit idea our culture sells us that if we just try really hard we can acheive anything and can be anyone we want to be. it doesn't take into account class status, race, gender, or the fact that our country is mostly run by white males. thus, the "american dream" is not attainable for most, and they are left to feel worthless and looked down about if they cannot acheive it.
Bush is a fucking asshole and should be shot.
by lyndaiglesias429 April 14, 2004

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