A dream which can be fulfilled by the average working class citizen of the United States by following a set of standards which are 1) owning your own home which can sufficiently provide for every occupant (debt-free), 2) owning a high class vehicle or a sufficient working vehicle (debt-free), 3) own upper class clothing, e.g. American Eagle shirts, or Coach purses, 4) living in a peaceful area, e.g. suburbs, or in an upper class district, 5) owning a business (sufficient pay and debt free) or working for a business with a high salary, 6) being in a position where you owe little or no debt or have debt that does not exceed 2.5% of your net worth (applies to those making $10 million USD or more), 7) to belong in the upper class society and frequent parties often or host many of your own, 8) to have a sufficient cash reserve for family members nearing retirement, e.g. a retirement savings fund exceeding the cost of life after retirement, 50 percent above the GDP per capita (preferably), 9) you have to actually do something to make it happen & 10) you have to do hard work diligently & do respectable work for your success to truly be celebrated.
"I am living the American Dream by having a house of my own in the suburbs, I have a Mercedes-Benz R Class, I have 3 million dollars in my retirement fund, owe no money to anyone, wear American Eagle clothing, work as a telecommunications manager, I frequent parties everyday, and run a family operation of exporting wheat to other countries."
by The S1F2N3 Network August 27, 2012
Top Definition
A) to sue someone for something incredibly stupid and live off the money.
B) to otherwise make a lot of money for not a lot of effort, and spend the rest of your life being rich and getting plastic surgery.
Johnny was biking in the park and he ran into a tree. He sued the council and got 10 mil. He's living the American Dream.
by newzealandboi February 12, 2004
An idea created by American society trying to make people believe anyone could be anything. Strange how all the US presidents have been in the upper 1% of society (in class-financial terms).
Death of a Salesman
by Brendan September 19, 2003
What a crock of bullshit! Basically it is either;

1) A clever lie designed by the rich to trick the poor into (a) working longer hours for less pay, and to (b) purchase a shitload of useless material goods and services, both of which help give the rich more wealth while further impoverishing the poor.


2) Taking over other nations by force, stealing their resources, and installing puppet governments that control the flow of resources to America while destroying the cultures and infrastructure of said conquered nations.
The American Dream is to work 60 hours a week for minimum wage, spiral downwards into debt as a result of being stupid enough to get credit cards and to spend what little money you have on shiny, expensive products that are useless in value and function.
by sarcastic April 02, 2004
The idea, that some day, some how, you'll be happy. That your kids won't grow up to hate you and disrespect you. That some day you won't come home fried out from work, only to sit in front of the television, or open a bottle of JD, or rail a line of coke, or any other addiction common to American life. But the most important part to remember... dreams aren't real.
Just woke up from the American dream...
by Dylan Lamb December 17, 2003
Depending on the context, either a 60-month, low APR, zero money down delusion of upward mobility; or a television-induced, straight-line reduced, quick-fix diluted futility.
"Todd the textile worker had to trade in his American Dream for a cardboard box because his corporate-owned government sent his job to China."
by burmaslave January 05, 2004
An American ideal of a happy and succesfull life to which all may aspire.
marrying the perfect man/women, having the perfect family and career
by Lauraa}{ December 17, 2003
An image originally created in the late 1950's and 1960's. Innocent by nature but commonly deplored by those who cannot achieve it or don't agree with capitolism.

The stereotypical American Dream is to marry that perfect someone, move into the classical surburan house, with a front yard, a garage & drive way, a white picket fence. You have a dog, a cat, and several kids. On weekends and summers you barbeque in your yard while your kids play on a tire swing and build a tree fort. Sometimes the American Dream is associated with the Corvette which is commonly known as the American Dream Car, because of it's long legacy of American muscle and great performance.

These assests are ideally attained by working hard to someday become financially stable enough to afford simple luxuries without worrying about it. This does not mean that you become rich suddenly, or buy the fastest car upright, it means that as you work hard over time, you get more money and improve on what you already have. Such as moving into a larger home, buying a faster car, and being able to support an additional child.
My version of the American Dream is to become a civil engineer, marry my highschool sweat heart, buy a nice sized Spanish styled house in San Diego, CA and drive a new 2005 Mustang.
by Andrew Hernandez November 28, 2004
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