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Canada may be Americas top hat but the best is always on top
america's hat, more like #1
by Dunphy October 04, 2011
Canada. It's America's Hat.
Canada is America's Hat
by veggiechick January 10, 2008
The country that is above America, which is Canada.
person #1- in reality... Canada is America's Hat

person #2- WTF are you talking about?

person #1- well just look on a map, canada is sitting on America's head, we are America's Hat!

person #2- you idiot..
by Murocks March 14, 2009
The country known as Canada.
Did you see that shirt with America's hat on it?
by Neero April 15, 2008

Definition of Canada- AWESOME!!!
God- Americas hat needs a name
Jesus- Name it Canada daddy*

*Disclaimer-God and Jesus never had this conversation,probably
by CheeseAttack September 22, 2009