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A term/meme originally coined on The Friend Society Forums. That has spread to other forums.

1. When a pornographic movie unexpectantly becomes a beastiality movie by the introduction of an animal at the point when the viewer is usually fully aroused, often to the disgust and dismay of the viewer.

2. When a male animal is introduced into a pornographic movie, often taking the female actress engaged by complete surprise.

3. When one is viewing a pornographic website and is unexpectedly exposed to questionable or relatively disgusting or unarousing material.

4. Any unexpected boner killing material found in a pornographic movie or website.

The term is used as an expression of surprise and disgust.
I was viewing this porn site once and it was full of really hot girls, then all of a sudden, BAM, ambush horse cock!

That ambush horse cock totally killed my boner!
by tfcdomprice December 10, 2007
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