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A yellow, gray, or black waxy material formed in the intestines of sperm whales that consists of a mixture of steroid derivatives. It is often found floating at sea or washed ashore, has a pleasant odor, and is added to perfumes as a fixative to slow down the rate of evaporation.

An extreamly high complement for a Babe. "Babe you are sweet, so ambergris" (just don't tell her where it comes from)
by Rizod December 19, 2006
Ambergris. Whale shit that people use as perfume or put on their eggs to eat. Proof that being rich makes you an insane sicko.
"Hey Frank! want to smear some whale shit on your wifes neck?" "of course i do! im rich! I

"I love ambergris! its so tasty to have whale shit on my food!''
by Braybee April 04, 2016
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