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An amazon girl/woman who happens to be attractive despite her freakishly large stature or overly muscular body.
"That was a huge bitch, but I'd still make her my amazon princess and let her slap me around!"
by Sarah Lambert February 27, 2008
Some one that has natural beauty

I would find it as quite a complitment to be called an amazon princess
by BC Girl March 24, 2008

1) One who is constantly receiving boxes from Amazon.com

2) One who is constantly on Amazon updating his/her Wish List in hope of buying something
1) Shantel is a Amazon Princess, she is always receives Amazon boxes.

2) I always catch Mark browsing Amazon.com at work, he is such a Amazon Princess.
by pseudosaurus rex April 30, 2011
A woman sooo beautiful with a bosom so ripe that when she farts, sunshine comes out of her ass.

Also a psychologist named Adam.
Damn yo! That bitch farted sunshine she must be an Amazon Princess...or a phychologist named Adam.
by porpabean March 07, 2005