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something that is almost undescribable.
the name jonah is amazingestlyicious. ;D
by jonah xP July 03, 2009
A word that can be used to describe something that is almost indescribable. It can usually be used to describe a noun but mainly to describe a food and/or meal. Amazingestlyicious is pronounced amazing-est-ly-icious. This word can also be used to describe someone of something that is near god-like, because it is something so great. This word can also describe someone or something that is one of a kind and the best to have ever been.
Darius: So how's Niki going?

Kris: She's going good she's amazingestlyicious.

Darius: O damn, how so?

Kris: Well she's just indescribable, she's so much better then every other girl, she's like my own goddess, I hope I get to marry her that will be like a dream come true.
by BMWM689 May 04, 2009
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