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amy tomlinson
Amy Tomlinson is the most amazing girl that I have ever laid eyes on; she has the prettiest baby blues in the state of texas :)
by amazed by you November 14, 2009
Something that is rare and brings an unexpected kick to your life.
Einstein was not as amazing as Maegan is.
by Maegan Renee December 29, 2007
A word most commonly used to describe Brody Beahan
Brody Beahan is fuckin amazing.
by brodeeeeeeeeeeeey April 09, 2009
1. Someone who has to pee every time they talk to a person named Matt.

2. A person who is cracked out on redbull half the time.
Sara is amazing.
by Shazamnig January 17, 2009
Crazy cool girl (or guy). Key factors in being amazing:
* Killer at Mario Kart
* Great taste in books (yes, books!)
* Hilarious
* Gorgeous
* Preference of Cats over Dogs.
Guy 1: XYZ is amazing!
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: She rules at Mario Kart.
Guy 2: Oh word.
by Hejog November 23, 2007
The relaying of overcomplex or poor directions causing the navigating party to become disorientated and ultimately becoming completely lost.
Ritas directions were so amazing that we all got lost.
by lisa_urban May 17, 2008
1. Jordan Paglia. Enough said.
My girlfriend, Jordan Paglia, is the most amazing girl in the whole world.
by John Tuck August 06, 2009